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When you study,work,draw,and make a presentation,This Timer Online is very useful.

You can use some functions.The setting is stored to your PC automatically. It begins by the same setting on the next time.Enjoy Timer Online.

How to use Timer Online.

First, please adjust the time of the timer. Then, the timer starts when you press the start button. Sound will continue to sound the time comes. Please stop with the OK button. It is set to the time set for the first automatically after stopping. You can start again as it is, after you set the new time, please start. Timer that was set automatically will be repeated if you fill the check box in the upper right corner.


This application uses new version of the Flash player. When you look another windows and look this timer again,the time may seem to go suddenly from time to time.It is because Flash saves power. However, there is no deviation of the time.

Timerboxing(wikipedia)Timerboxing is used as a project planning technique.
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